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Letter Openers and Brass Writing Instruments


Euro pens and pencils packaged in two-piece gift boxes.  


A-C Euro pens in various colors.

D-F  Letter openers in various colors.


Letter openers packaged in velour sleeves and placed in gold foil boxes.  Metal pens and letter openers can be laser or mechanically engraved.



Cam Plaque Series


     Available in a large number
of designs and sizes. 



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Airflyte Clock Collection

Diamond-Spun dial three hand movement (left)

World time dial, three hand
movement (right)

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Kyle Anderson
General Manager

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Tara Anderson

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Larry Bennett
Trophy/Engraving Technician

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Stan Catoe
Trophy/Engraving Technician

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Ruby Anderson
Mascot/Moral Support

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765 Canterbury Dr.  -  Lancaster, SC 29720
(803) 285-4838