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   109 Hampton Street - Rock Hill, S. C.  -  (803) 328-1821
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Visit our large show rooms and experience the
office furniture that creates a pleasant working atmosphere!
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From reception areas to private work areas we can
provide confortable and functional office furniture!

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Answer Systems by... Steelcase

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Responsive, user-friendly furniture is
critical in call centers and task intensive
areas..Answer Systems furniture responds!

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Reply Systems...a perfect stand alone
workspace solution.  Modular and can
be configured to any office spacer.

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Aesthetics. Efficiency.  Economy. 
AnswerSystems furniture gives fast
growing companies beautiful,
value-riced alternatives.

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Answer Systems furniture provides
a sanctuary for concentrated work
or consulting.  A welcome statement
in reception and management areas.

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Groups that thrive on spontaneous
interactionneed flexible products. 
Nonhanded curved work surfaces &
visual access.  Answer Systems furnitur

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Whether working alone or in teams,
Answer Systems furniture provides the
forum.  Corner worksurfaces and
peninsula tops promote group interaction

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With Answer Systems furniture, the
possibilities are practically endless. 
And endlessly practical.  We give your
office maximum flexibility.

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Answer Sustems furniture can be blended
with Steelcase's other office furniture
lines such as Pathways and Reply.
Attractive, effecient & comfortable.

Monarch, Arbor and Relevant wood furniture

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Arbor's components support a wide range
of applications while maintaining aesthetic

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Arbor wood furniture can be used to
create workspaces which are distinctive
as well as functional.

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Monarch's signature hand-rubbed finish
combines brilliant clarity with long lasting
durability and an ellegant look.

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Monarch's comprehensive selection of
components can be configured to suit a
variety of work styles.

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Where technology management is critical power and communication can be channeled
through beltways in the wall or underneath product components to Relevant's "segment" walls.

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Relevant's Mobile Hatchback carts offer the benefits of a complete office for those
employees who don't require permanent office space.  A Lemon-Top table provides
additional personalized workspace and is ideal for conferencing.

Let our friendly and knowlegable people help you in
selecting the perfect office furniture and design for your needs!

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John Minerd

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Marian Minerd
Vice President

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Ellen Westover
General Manager

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Kelly Varnadore
Account Executive

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Melissa Lahrs
Operations Manager

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Chris Johnson
Interior Designer

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Peggy DePass
Interior Designer

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Taricka Williams
Interior Designer

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Carol Yandle
Account Executive

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Janice Smith
Account Executive

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Tony Humphries
Account Executive

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   109 Hampton Street - Rock Hill, S. C.  -  (803) 328-1821
        Visit our main web page...
               E-Mail us...whiteofcfurn@rhtc.net