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By-Pass Lawn &
By-Pass Gift Shop

Hwy. 9 Bypass W. - Lancaster, S.C.
Phone (803) 286-9854

bypass62.JPG (47746 bytes)Concrete Furniture
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Large selection of concrete items...statues,
fountains, birdbaths, planters, containers,
yard tables & benches, etc.

Potted Flowering plants
in various sizes

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Salvia...five colors available
in season.

Visit our green house with large
selections of bedding plants, annuals,
perennials, herbs, etc.

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Potted plants...
annuals and perennials.

A large line of Hanging

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Day Lillies,

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Shrubs...Evergreens, Hollies,
Arborvitaes, Camelias,
One of the largest selection and varietyof shrubs in the area.

Large stock of Roses
in all your favorite colors.

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Large selection of trees...
Maples, Oaks, Cherries,
Crape Myrtles, Fruit Trees,
Japanese Maple.
Consult with us for your
special needs.

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By-Pass Gift Shop
By-Pass Lawn &

Hwy. 9 Bypass W. - Lancaster, S. C.
Phone (803) 286-9854

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Large selection of lamps
by RC Ceations, Home Accents
and others.

Mirrors by Carolina Mirror,
Uttermost, and others.

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Home accessories by Fitz & Floyd,
C.B.K., Oriental Accent and more.

Crystal by Sullivans.
Root Candles.

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Accent pieces by Pacific Rim,
and Elizabeth Marshall.

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Framed art work
Large selection of still life
and oil paintings.

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Large selection.

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Bob Marshall

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Janice Knight
Customer Service