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Lancaster, SC 29720
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Combo Deal!!!
Get a Computer and Internet Access for Only $49.95/Month

Windows 98
Mouse, Keyboard
Sound Card, Speakers,
52X CDROM, 3.5 Floppy
ATX Minitower
Pentium II MB w/ SIS Chipset
64 Meg of RAM
10.2 Gig Hard Disk
AMD K6 500 Mhz
17" Color Monitor
56K Modem
Free Internet Filtering Service

Have access the information highway, and let us take out the detours!

With more than 25 categories, and a database of millions of websites, we can tailor your online experience to your tastes.

Whether you want filtered access just for the kids, or you want it for the whole family, we treat each person individually.

This is free with your dialup account. We also offer this service to our business customers for a fee. The cost depends on number of users and connection speed.

Unlimited Internet Service
Only $17.95 / month!!!!
Free On-Site Support!
If we can't help you over the phone, we will send a tech to your door!

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