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We're located in the historic
old Post Office building.

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Single Action and
Double Action
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is where the Double

Action is!

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New Double Actions for 1999/2000
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Ruger Rimfire Pistols
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Ruger Centerfire Pistols
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Ruger Double Action Revolvers
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Ruger Single Action Revolvers
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Kimber...Accuracy, Dependability

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Kimber Ultra Carry
and Stainless Ultra Carry

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Remington Rifles
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Remington Shot Guns
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Ruger Centerfire Bolt-Action Rifles
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Ruger Centerfire Autoloading Rifles

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Ruger Over & Under Shotguns

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We Carry a large line
of hand guns.  All types
and calibers.

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We also keep a large stock
of rifles and shotguns both
new and used.

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We keep in stock a complete
line of ammunition and gun

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Paul Weed
Fire Arms Consultant

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Mary Miller
Sales Consultant

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Tom Foster
Owner/General Manager

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Phone: (803) 286-7620