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the entire family for over 20 years!
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Dr. N. H. Beaver

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Know the
danger signs
of spinal

Arm and hand numbness,
Painful joints,
Loss of sleep,
Pain between shoulders,
Low back pain or stiffness,
Leg pain or numbness

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The odds are nine to one that you get headaches
now - and will get them from time to time
in the future - but don't despair.  With the help
of Beaver Chiropractic center you can
determine what "triggers" your headaches
and then correct or avoid those causes.  This
will make your headaches less frequent
and less severe.  We know that headaches

aren't "just in the head."  They are
biological reprimands, warnings that
something else in a person's body is out of
balance and needs to be fixed.  And while
analgesics such as aspirin can mask the

symptoms, they don't tackle the real problem.

At some time during our lives 80 percent
of us can expect to have "bad backs." 
There's nothing new about backaches.  In
fact the potential for back troubles would
almost seem to be built into the spine.
As intricate and magnificent an engineering
design our back bone is, it is still better
suited for a horizontal position than a
vertical one.  Doctors of Chiropractic will
tell you that the most common causes of
low back pain - among more than 100
identified - are muscle and ligament
injuries, injuries to facet joints, disc
problems and "vertebral subluxation."

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Traumatic Cervical Syndrome, or Whiplash
is one of the most common auto accident
injuries.  Whiplash happens when the neck
is forced through a series of movements at
a rate faster than the bones, muscles, and
ligaments can accommodate.  The crash
forces the head forward slightly, then back-
ward violently, forward to recoil, and finally
to a neutral, stationary position.  Types of
injuries that might occur include torn muscles
and ligaments, nerve inflammation, and
vertebral misalignment.   As with other
minor accident injuries, a person suffering
from whiplash may not realize the extent
of injury for a few days. 

Even ancient Egyptians had arthritis. 
Most arthritis is osteoarthritis, which in
simplest terms, means extention of the
bone into a joint or excessive bone
growth and calcification of ligaments.
Minor displacement of joints, resulting
in sub-lux-ations, misalignments of
spinal bones, lead to this painful and
disfiguring condition.  Chiropractic
treats and corrects these misalignments.
In fact, preventative chiropractic
measures will greatly reduce the chances
of arthritis.  The key to freedom from
arthritis is early check-ups for hidden
spinal problems. 

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Our friendly staff personnel are eager to serve you!

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Most Insurances accepted!
We also accept Medicaid which pays 100%!

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Beaver Chiropractic Center
1906 India Hook Rd.
Rock Hill, SC
(803) 366-9482
Providing affordable health care  for
the entire family for over 20 years!
New Patients Welcome!